Our physical security services completely meet the requirements of the Law on Private Security and are provided in accordance with Article 5, Item 2 thereof ‘Individual or Legal Entity Property Guarding’. Hunderds officers are employed in the Physical Security Directorate of D.M. Security Group and considerable efforts are made for their appropriate selection, training and providing uniforms, equipment and facilities. We use reasonable balance between physical presence and technical equipment on sites to ensure the highest level of security. Thus, the human factor is combined with the latest highly efficient security, video surveillance and access control technology.

D.M. Security Group has gained experience and specialization in:

  • Guarding of big shopping centers and retail chains, catering and entertainment establishments
  • Guarding of banks and cash centers, educational, recreational and health institutions
  • Guarding of Embassies
  • Guarding of resorts and tourist centers
  • Guarding of gated residential complexes
  • Guarding of government sites and institutions

The security guards carry out their responsibilities depending on the specifics of the guarded site and the client’s requirements. When performing their assigned tasks, security guards are in uniform and are equipped with access control systems, fixed or portable metal detectors, scanning and X-ray devices, and weapons(depending on the site type). During extreme situations, the physical security is supported by mobile armed response groups.