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Employees carry out continuous 24-hour physical and technical security of commercial, industrial and
residential buildings, offices, villas and rooms. They are specialized in the security of energy routes, lines of
communication and strategic sites of importance to national security.

-Prevent illegal infiltration of persons in guarded sites.
-Prevent and combat criminal offenses against the secured sites, as well as those directed against persons
inside them.
-Perform admission of admission of persons, vehicles and objects in the protected objects.

In the performance of their tasks , the guards use systems for access control , fixed or portable detectors ,
scanning and X-ray devices , weapons , facilities and means of communication - VHF radios , mobile phones,
including direct telephone contact with the relevant police station Ministry of Interior.

Employees operate with uniforms , armed and equipped according to the specifics of the guarded site and
customer requirements .They are prepared to have emergency first aid to injured persons in crisis situations .

If necessary, physical security is supported by mobile groups armed response , trained to act in extreme
situations .
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